About the Art

Thank you for visiting my website! You are sure to find yourself in my creative cartoons, wall and digital art, and acrylic pours and dips. My goal as an artist is to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level through abstract art and accept any “weirdness” you have and realize that IS what makes you special.
Creative cartoons are a unique and individual art experience as everyone sees something a bit different. The goal is to get you to interact with the art through your worldview and reflect on what makes YOU special and unique! I embody the same commitment to deeper self-connection in my acrylic pour paintings and digital art. And I am able to bring together the creative cartoons and abstract pours by actually etching slightly abstract images into the acrylic paintings.
I also draw custom “inner voice” caricatures for you. This is where I draw the cartoon of your authentic inner voice - seriously! It is the most profound here-and-now connection between me and my customer.