About Crystal

About Crystal Lindsey - The Fit Artist

Award-winning abstract artist & motivational speaker does 100+ burpees per day. “Weird” art born from being abandoned at 11 years old.



I've dreamed of being an artist since I was a child. As a little girl, I experienced extreme childhood abuse and neglect, my house burnt down twice, and I was abandoned and disowned by my family at 11 years old. These hardships were the greatest gift you could give me as an artist! I was forced to use my imagination to survive and look at the world differently than other children.
My happiest childhood memories were simply laying in the grass alone for hours, watching the clouds, and imagining the animals I saw in the sky. This ability to see animation in abstract shapes ignited my artsy soul and engulfed me in a world of imagination. I was always looking for the beauty in life all around me - even in the midst of severe trauma. I still find a lot of my inspiration in nature.
In elementary school, I had a passion for storytelling that made me start making comics. I remember drawing and coloring, and I could feel my heart sing as these comics helped me tap into gratitude and intuition, see the beauty around me, reflect on my thoughts, improve my communication and heighten my memory. And in high school, I would spend hours creating beautifully abstract and thought-proving drawings from a random scribble without erasing anything. This is where I learned how to do automatic drawing (also known as “prophetic art” or “intuitive drawing”) which is still the basis of everything I do creatively to this day.
Now I use these skills to not only draw my inner voice but also perfectly draw other people’s inner voices as well!
Yoga, meditation, and fitness came into my life with my wish to thrive and develop my emotional resilience having this challenging childhood experience. I used a morning routine full of biohacks to cultivate my superpowers through daily gratitude, meditation, grit, psychology, stretching, grounding, and affirmations (you can find out more about it in my book Grit & Gratitude: The Foster Youth's Playbook for Adulting). At this time, I was doing art as a hobby, and today I know 100% that being an artist is my true calling. However, I don't abandon my fitness and yoga background - I create art AND do over 100 burpees daily. I also meditate 30 minutes twice a day… this is how Fit Artist was born!
I use my artistic skills and fit mind to capture the beauty of living an abstract life. My hope is that you will embrace that everything does not have to be perfect. You will surely cherish my abstract acrylic pouring, digital art, or creative cartoons for years to come. And I know that each time you interact with the art, you will deepen your internal power and embrace your unique beauty in this world.
I'm a commissioned artist and work for corporations, private customers, and other institutions such as sensory deprivation spas, foster care homes, and detox shelters. In 2021, I won 2nd place in the professional acrylic painting category for the Vitoria Art League 2021. I participated in their art walk and street fairs until moving to Dallas, where I create out of my art studio and live a fit and weird life.
In 2022 I did 100 burpees a day on average for a total of over 36,500 burpees and meditated for over 6K hours. I also eat organic non-GMO food, primarily vegan, and try to do yoga as much as often.
I also organize over 200 4" X4" custom one-of-a-kind paintings for charity every Christmas. I have given my paintings as presents to foster youth teenagers in shelters and residents of detox shelters. Reach out of you want to get involved for either the San Diego, CA, or Dallas, TX Custom Art for Charity cause.
I know where I come from and want to share my inner beauty and gratitude with the world. Everyone belongs here and your weirdness is celebrated, which is what I and my art stand for. #StayWeird

I developed a unique technique for drawing abstract continuous line characters (called “creative cartoons”) that reveal and depict people's inner voices through automatic drawing. Additionally, her acrylic pour paintings are meant to transmit the meditative, colorful, and healing energy she feels and shares with the world.

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