Crystal Linsey, MBA


My Portforlio

Welcome to my art portfolio, where acrylic painting meets the captivating world of fluid art. My passion lies in utilizing various fluid art techniques to evoke movement and capture raw energy in every piece I create...

Acrylic Pour Paintings

My acrylic pour paintings are meant to transmit the meditative, colorful, and vibrating energy I feel and share with the world.


Acrylic Dip Paintings

My goal as an artist is to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level through abstract art and realize that you belong here.

Etched Acrylic Pour Paintings

I am able to bring together creative cartoons and abstract pours by actually etching slightly abstract images into acrylic paintings.

Performance Artist & Paid Speaker


Women’s Future Conference - Moderator
Gulf Coast Child Care Business Accelerator Summit- Houston
First Capital Title - Workshop Instructor
SBDC - Workshop Instructor
California Association - Workshop Instructor & Speaker
SBDC - Workshops Presenter
San Diego Association - Workshops Presenter & Conference Speaker
Fresno Association of Realtors - Workshops Presenter & Conference Keynote Speaker


- Resiliency & Super Growth
- Create The Life of Your Dreams
- Success Made Easy
- Top 3 Tips to "Do What You Say"
- The Power of Grit & Gratitude

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Public Speaking
M.C. or Emcee
Corporate Trainer
Inspirational Speaker
Panel Guest
Marketing Consultant
Corporate Resilience

About Crystal

Award-winning abstract artist & motivational speaker does 100+ burpees per day. “Weird” art born from being abandoned at 11 years old.

 She developed a unique technique for drawing abstract continuous line characters (called “creative cartoons”) that reveal and depict people's inner voices through automatic drawing. Additionally, her acrylic pour paintings are meant to transmit the meditative, colorful, and healing energy she feels and shares with the world.